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CoMotion X


Comotion x

Spring, 2019

Re-brand for SCAD MOMELOVE’s CoMotion, an annual two day motion design conference held in Savannah, GA. CoMotion features panel discussions, lectures, portfolio reviews, and a student showcase. CoMotion is a premier SCAD event designed and run by students for students.

The concept for the tenth annual conference is simple: build off of past, showcase present, and announce future. To properly complete the project, the branding was broken up into phases to reinforce a cohesive design approach while ensuring each deliverable aided the concept and excited the audience.



This year’s branding is all about taking the audience through MOMELOVE’s inspiring past, present, and soon-to-be future. Naturally, the title sequence was the main driver of that narrative. Throughout the title sequence there are four main phases that tell MOMELOVE’s story: The Intro, The Past, The Present, and The Future.

The Intro is the time before MOME, barren and underdeveloped. The Past showcases previous years with iconography designed to pay homage to previous designs within our department. The Present features four common techniques and trends that students at SCAD adhere to; 3D Design, Compositing (layers), Animation, Stop Motion. And lastly, The Future is a void and ready to be explored space; The Future represents our unlimited potential as a group of young designers.




Final Frames


Process Frames


Concept Art / Pre-Visualization




asset List / Floor Plans



Animated graphics that played before each specific segment of the conference. When designing these cards, I originally set out to display a futuristic looking design that was simple and clean. My goal was to introduce each segment with ease while staying on brand.


Initial Designs


Color Scheme



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The Event


Initial Design Pitch


Before all of this excitment, I had to pitch my idea to MOMELOVE against 15 other submissions. Despite the incredible competition, my design was ultimately chosen to be the design for the 10th annual conference. Below is the motion test featured in my pitch. And although the artistic direction did end up changing, the concept remained the same until the end.

Including the pitch, CoMotion X took about 7 months to complete. My role from the beginning was creative director, but I played many roles and wore many hats along the way; by the end of it I had animated, modeled, designed, and obviously directed - if I had to take one thing away from this project it would be the amount of skills and patience I picked up along the way.

I am humbled to present to you, CoMotion X.



Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2019) TOP TALENT


Creative Director: Daniel Whitaker

Producer: Desmond Du

Co-producer: Hunter Scully

Art Director: Jayson Hahn

Lead 3D Designer: Marcelo Meneses

Lead 2D Designer: Sam Button

Compositing & Editing: Desmond Du

Lead Graphic Designer: Madison Kelly

Experiential: Hunter Scully & Madison Kelly

Sound Designers:

Ashton Faydenko

Chris Hopkins

Ryan "Sully" Sullivan


Sierra Long